50% Down Payment - CPETT WordPress

50% Down Payment - CPETT WordPress

  • $ 1,900.00

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Features and Functionality
WordPress Theme Set Up----------------------------------------------------$1,500.00
Set Up and Integration Modules, Hosting, Database-------------------------$1,000.00

Website Pages
WordPress Page Creation------------------------------------------------------$750.00
Graphics & Images------------------------------------------------------------$200.00
General SEO-------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

Time frame
We will aim for a review date of 5/1/2021 - However, we have always asked clients for 30 business days from the time of first payment to the time of first review. If we receive down payment on 4/1 or 4/2 our 30-business day target review date would be May 13th or 14th

NOTE: This option includes a standard WordPress management system that would allow YOU to manually update the website.

YOUR TOTAL COST = > $3,800.00  To get Started today PAY 50% Down => $1,900.00

The 50% down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE after 10 business days because we have already dedicated time and resources towards developing the website.