50% Down Payment - OP Inspections

50% Down Payment - OP Inspections

  • $ 485.00


The following website proposal is based on the functionality expressed in the phone conversation with David Clegg on 01/06/2021. The proposal includes ONE OPTION for completing the desired website. WordPress website using existing content from current site https://opinspections.com/  Create a site that is more user friendly that contains more conversion points above the fold on each content page. Allow David and friend to have full access to the WordPress Content Manager so they can both update and maintain the website.

WordPress WEBSITE Breakdown

Features and Functionality
WordPress Theme Set Up & Customization------------------------------------------$500.00
SSL Annual Certificate Renewal --------------------------$71.00
Wp Rocket Annual Renewal -----------------------------$49.00

Website Pages
WordPress Page Development--------------------------$350.00

NOTE: This option includes a standard WordPress management system that would allow YOU to manually update the website.

YOUR TOTAL COST = > $970.00 - To get Started today PAY 50% Down => $485.00
 We break the project up into two payments so 50% down and 50% when the project is completed. To get your project started today and added to our development queue you can pay the 50% down using the link provided below.

The 50% down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE after 10 business days because we have already dedicated time and resourced towards developing the website.