Art By Marcus Johnson Payment 1 of 2

Art By Marcus Johnson Payment 1 of 2

  • $ 467.50

Option 1

Use the current GoDaddy website and add the e-commerce payment gateway via the SHOP NOW button. Add 5 to 10 products to his SHOP and spruce up the current GoDaddy website using additional content including his existing YouTube videos, Photographs of his painting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly written content – 2 Paragraphs.

Pricing for OPTION 1

Adding additional written content to existing GoDaddy website --$125.00
Integrating e-commerce Payment Gateway -- $185.00
Adding 5 to 10 Products to SHOP -- $375.00
Expanding and Improving the visual content -- $150.00
Testing Payment Gateway -- $75.00
Adding form for Custom Orders - $25.00


There may be additional monthly fees that are required by GoDaddy to integrate some of these changes to the website. However, we do not have access to your GoDaddy account, so we were unable to see if they charge any additional fees to upgrade your account. You may not be charged any additional fees; however, we find it necessary to let you know that this could happen. If this does happen, you would need to cover those fees to move forward with OPTION 1.

PAYMENT DETAILS: 50% down or $467.50 to get your project started today.